Get Clarity and Support with
Your Next Steps for Grief Recovery

And avoid the confusion and overwhelm of trying to go through it all on your own, 
and the ongoing impact on your work, life, and relationships. 

  • Could you use a little support in deciding what type of Grief Recovery Plan is best for you?
  • How about finding out insights about ALL  your different options  - in under an hour -  and without the confusion, time and headache of trying to do it all yourself? Of not even knowing where to start?


The Grief Recovery Planning Session

The meeting that will allow you to quickly find out what options are available to you, and what is best for your specific situation moving forward. .

I've been there.

I know what it can be like to be grieving and trying to work out which pathway to healing  is best for you.  I’ve been there.   So many options - it's overwhelming, confusing - and time consuming.   Weighing up your choices, getting advice from different people - friends, therapists, even free info online.

The decision on which recovery strategy is best for your needs is a very personal, very individual thing.   Making the right decision gives you a chance to start feeling better and begin to feel alive again.  

And at the same time - trying to go in every direction - or making an error in this area - can be costly, affecting not just your emotional well being, but many other practical areas of your life - from work + income - to home + personal relationships.

That’s why I’ve created the Grief Recovery Planning Session.

It’s a single, relaxed, supportive and structured meeting that brings you together with the me, Emily Rowe. The Good Grief Coach.  

A one on one session I've designed as a way for you to get personalised support and guidance from me in an exclusive, private, comfortable setting.

One that will allow you to quickly find out what options are available to you, and what is best for your specific situation moving forward.


  • Clarity on the pros and cons of the different types of healing pathways available to you, including: ONE ON ONE therapy/counselling, ONLINE PROGRAMS (free and paid), SUPPORTING SERVICES (float tanks, meetups), And many more
  • Understanding the differences between these types of options
  • Clarity on exactly what would suit your unique situation

No Stone Unturned.

No stone will be unturned, and you will leave with your customised Good Grief Roadmap the step-by-step plan of exactly what to do next - so you can follow the plan and get moving in the right direction.

This is designed for you if you’re done with staying on the hamster wheel + going round in circles, or you want to make sure you don’t make a choice that’s not suited to you. A choice that may have you going sideways or worse off than when you started.   The emotional and physical costs of staying in this situation is very real - this session has been designed to avoid that.

And all in an exclusive, private, comfortable setting where you can get personalised support and guidance.

My personal guarantee to you.

If for any reason after our session, you do not feel you have been completely supported in your plan for recovery,  I will happily refund your money.   I only want satisfied clients.

It's time.

Take 60 minutes of you time and get in the know about everything that’s out there for you.  Using the Good Grief simple yet practical methodology.

One that takes care of your emotions, writes you a new story, and sets you on the pathway to the changes that are right for you.

Your response - your choice.

OK, I'm ready.

Book me in for clarity, support and a plan - I'm done with doing it on my own, going round in circles, and feeling stuck in every area of my life.